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Oki – welcome my name is Lynn Calf Robe, owner & editor of Iksokapi Magazine. From the rez to the urban jungles, Iksokapi Magazine is an online lifestyle magazine created as a voice for all First Nations, Inuit and Metis Women in North America. This one of kind publication covers a wide range of topics and features a variety of writers, artists and photographers from around the Globe.

Iksokapi Magazine is an independent publication inspired by a number of strong, sophisticated and influential women of our time. My prior work experience includes; managing editor, freelance writer, and photographer with a variety of publications including national newspaper First Nations Drum and Calgary’s urban Aboriginal Youth monthly, New Tribe Magazine.

I grew up reading magazines like YM (Young & Modern), Sassy, Cosmopolitan, and Rolling Stone to name a few but never came across a magazine specifically for Indigenous women with a modern, fresh and empowering approach; Iksokapi Magazine is this magazine. Too often the stereotypes relating to my demographic are negative and as a writer it has always been my mission to keep it positive or at the very least educational.

Iksokapi Magazine is inspired by a number of women across North America including my mother Roberta and grandmother Marie Calf Robe. They represent the many strong women in our communities who work hard every day, strive to raise healthy families and contribute to building stronger communities. I dedicate Iksokapi Magazine to all Indigenous women of the world who continue to keep our communities moving forward including Miss Ariel Miikka, and my late aunt Janice Grey Eyes.

– Thank you!

Lynn Calf Robe, Owner & Editor

Siksika Nation