Week 9 – Monday, Nov. 9





  1. Quiz #3 – Active/passive review
  2. Quiz #4 – Quiz #4 – Crime (p. 216-250)

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3. Feature stories – grading matrix – all stories edited by me are in Week 8


JRN 300 Grading Matrix for First Draft of Feature Stories from Montmartre


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Feature writing resources:


4. Activity/discussion: Maclean’s article deconstruction:

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  • What is this story going to be about?
  • If you were assigned this story, what information (details and facts) would you want to include?
  • How would you start your story? What would be a good story to start with?
  • What people would you want in your story?
  • Is there more than one side to this issue?

Maclean’s Feature abou Homework – breakdown


5. Activity/discussion: Another great feature “with legs”

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As we work on feature stories, you should set yourself the goal of reading and analyzing a Pulitzer Prize-winning feature story as often as you can. Click here to go to the site Pulitzer Prize (Feature Writing) or copy this url into your browser. Ask yourself these questions:  Why did you chose the stories you did? What kind of lead did it use and how did it grab your attention? How did the  “Graph Nut” summarize the story? How are these stories different from news stories?