Week 7 – Thursday, October 22


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Assignments – Quiz #9 – CJTR Programmers’ Application Form



  1. CJTR – Programmers Application Form – Jamin
  2. Profit: For-profit and not-for-profit…that is the question
  • Social economy (SE) organizations include non-profits, community economic development organizations, volunteer organizations,
  • Social economy organizations are ones that use business strategies to create a social good–that is the profit for them

A local example (see handout)

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A local example:






Class project assignments:

  • Everyone needs to email me a resume
  • Rod is looking into distribution of magazines and other publications, through Canada Post, or other ways of sending them out;
  • Brittany is trying to track down an SIFC/FNUniv alumni list–I haven’t heard back from the people I sent the inquiry to, but will forward you the name of the person to contact;
  • Carlos is going through Aboriginal publications and making a list of potential advertisers who are already advertising.
  • Shayla wrote an awesome mission statement for us, and is doing research on NAJA scholarships, so we can get more students to New Orleans;
  • Daniel was nominated last class (by me) to be responsible for all of our accounting…so if you (Daniel)  can develop a basic set of accounting books, we can add to it and build it as we proceed;
  • Katryna is doing a budget for 10 students to go to New Orleans (Flights, hotels, meals, etc.) so we know what our fund-raising target is
  • TJ is doing a profile of the whole Canadian Aboriginal market…so we understand basically (from Stats Canada data) who our potential readers are, including education, ages, incomes, etc.
  • Larissa is doing an org chart for us and developing job descriptions for editor, ad sales manager, distribution manager, productioin manager and design coordinator…any any other jobs she turns up in her search of personnel for magazines.
  • Teddy, can you give some thought and maybe ask around about cultural stories we could include, including powwow people who are alumni who we could profile;
  • And finally, Leeland, can you please draft preliminary list of stories you think people would like to see and expect to see in a 40th anniversay alumni publication for SIFC/FNUC.

Review Business Plan Business plan class project INCA 284 Working copy – use this one