Week 4 – T/R Sept. 29 & Oct. 1



Minifie Lecture: Staying in the Field: Why face-to-face journalism matters on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 7:30 at the Education Auditorium

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Quiz #5 Thursday, October 1 (next class) will be based on these videos that explain different aspects of social media, from viral videos to Twitter to how social media is changing the news:


Agenda Today

Review Forms of Business

Quiz #4

Class Project



Forms of business

What do all businesses try/hope to do?


What is the simplest form of business?


Who makes the decisions?

Who is responsible for their debts

Who gets profits?

If someone sues the business, whose name/s are going to be on the claim?

If the business owes taxes, who has to pay?

If you die or retire, what happens to the business?


What kind of business involves two or more people who agree to try to make money together?

Can you think of an example of this kind of business?

What is a good strategy for picking a partner for a business?

What do partners need from the start…in writing?

Who should help them draw up this document?

Who controls the business?

Who gets the profits?

If someone sues the business, who pays?

What if your business partner makes a bad decision that costs the business…who is responsible?

What happens if the partners don’t agree any more or come into conflict?



What is the business form that takes most paperwork at the start?

Can we think of an example of this kind of business?

How much does it cost to set up this kind of business?

When you create this kind of business, what have you created…in a legal sense?

If the business goes into debt, who is responsible?

If someone sues the company, who is responsible?

Who regulates this kind of business?

What kind of records do you have to keep?


What is the kind of business where people come together to help each other through the business?

Can we think of an example?

How do you create a co-op?

Why do people create co-ops?

How do you become a member?

Which members can vote when the business is making a decision?

How do they make decisions?

Trivia: Where was the first Aboriginal coop established?

(1945 in Saskatchewan, doing business in the fish sector)








Quiz #5 – Social media videos

Financial Statements – review FNUniv Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) and Statement of Operations (Profit-Loss Statement)

Discuss class project – 40th Anniversary Magazine (Online and Printed)

Individual Projects Sign-up Sheet