Week 3 – Monday, Sept. 28

JRN 300




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Quiz #2 today

Assessing leads exercise due Friday

Writing leads exercise due today



  1. Presentation by Desarae Eashappie, CTK
  2. Quotation exercise (from Des’s presentation)
  3. xxxxxxLead assignment due Friday
  4. Lead assignment – writing leads (5/10 examples)
  5. CP Style Quiz #2 Punctuation
  6. BREAK
  7. CP Style – Quotation Marks – Getting great quotes to put in them
  8. Interviewing assignment


1/2. Presentation by Desarae Eashappie, Carry the Kettle First Nation (8:30 – 9 a.m.)


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Exercise: As Desarae is talking, record 5 verbatim quotations. These will be used in our discussion later in class

Thanks – Presentation of NAJA award – First Place for Online Feature Story in Native Peoples Magazine

Click story to link to Desarae’s article

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3. Evaluating leads – exercise due Friday

4. Writing leads

Basic Leads feom Oxford Exercise 3



5. CP Style Quiz #2 – Punctuation



Quick Quiz: Active-Passive Voice

Active or Passive Quiz

1. I ate a piece of chocolate cake.
2. The librarian read the book to the students.
3. The money was stolen.
4. They are paid on Fridays.
5. The movie is being made in Hollywood.
6. I washed my car three weeks ago.
7. His hair was cut by a professional.
8. I will introduce you to my boss this week.
9. It would have been fixed at the weekend.
10. The national anthem is being sung by Jason this time.


7. CP Style – Quotation Marks – Getting great quotes to put in them

8. Interviewing


Another good resource:

Thirty Tips on How to Interview Like a Journalist 

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Preparing to do interviews at Montmartre trip

  • Workshop stories

Lab with Mark: Generating and pitching story ideas.



Quiz #2 – CP Punctuation

Identifying leads – exercise submitted Friday by noon

The assignment was to find 10 articles from any sources and copy to headline and paragraphs until the 5 Ws and H are included and indicate what type of lead it is.


Writing Basic Leads – exercise for today

Assignment – Follow the link to the Reporting for the Media, Exercise 3: Writing Basic News Leads and



Additional resources

Great explanation of Prepositional Phrases