Wascana Goose Mistakes Wiener Dog for “Natural Predator”


“It’s so … scary,” says dog owner Ariel Avison.

Twice, in as many days, Avison’s dog Abby has been attacked in Regina’s Wascana Park by a Canada goose.

“That goose just hates weiner dogs,” says Avison. “Other dogs were nearby and it didn’t pay any attention to them…. But when she sees Abby, she goes crazy.”

Jared Clarke is the naturalist for Wascana Centre Authority.

The natural predators of goose eggs include fox, coyotes and raccoons, said Clarke.

“Fox are a major predator during nesting season, said Clarke. “We see fox predation as a major cause of natural nest failure.”

“Maybe that’s why the goose attacked Abby,” says Avison. “She does look a bit like a fat little fox.”
“Your dog is definitely seen as a predator of eggs and young,” says Clarke.

“Keep in mind that the goose is defending its mate or eggs,” said Clarke. “You have gone into the zone where the bird feels threatened.”

“We didn’t intend to threaten the goose,” said Avison. “We were just walking by and he flew at us.”
Clarke’s advice: “Remember the attack is a last resort. Remove yourself or back up.”

“Darn right we removed ourselves,” says Avison. “We ran all the way home.”

The altercation between weiner dog and goose was captured on video. Warning: Dog owner was under stress, so listeners are warned that they will be exposed to course language.