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Dear Edward Doolittle,

Here at Tyee Solutions Society, we leverage the support of our funders to conduct fully reported, solutions-seeking, attention-getting journalism. We thought you’d be particularly interested in two series completed in 2013.

Uniting Call of the Spirit and Fostering Truth, was our reporters’ interest in places and people making real strides to change the story on populations of young Canadians meeting particular challenges.

In Call of the Spirit, Katie Hyslop asks indigenous graduates, students, and academics what needs to change in Canada’s approach to post-secondary education to graduate more Aboriginal Canadians.
The complete series is available here:

In Fostering Truth, Pieta Woolley investigates why so many kids who pass through public care end up on the street. Listening to former foster kids and currently homeless youth, as well as care-givers and experts, she reported on opportunities to break the link.
The complete series is available here:

Both series were produced by Tyee Solutions Society in collaboration with Tides Canada Initiatives, with funding from the Vancouver Foundation. Tides Canada Initiatives and the Vancouver Foundation neither influence nor endorse the particular content of TSS’ reporting. If you are interested in republishing any of the content in these series, please see this page for contacts and information.

We hope you enjoy our work, send us your feedback, share with others, and offer us your thoughts for future reporting and solutions-seeking projects.


Katie Hyslop, Journalist
Pieta Woolley, Journalist
Chris Wood, Coordinating Editor
David Beers, Founder and Board Member
Carra Simpson, Project Manager

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