Regina Program Empowers Women to Overcome Addictions


Tanya Ferguson spent the last 25 years struggling with a hardcore drug addiction, failing numerous times to kick the deadly habit.

The Regina woman entered many 28-day programs but was unsuccessful until she entered the Shayil Home Women’s Addiction Program.

The Regina-based Soul’s Harbour Rescue Mission runs the year-long program which allows women like Ferguson to live in a setting where they benefit from the support of their families, including their children.

“You get to touch more parts of your addiction,” Said Ferguson. “You work on your childhood you work on your past.”

The Shayil Home program began about ten years ago. It accommodates eighteen women and their families.

“It provides a safe stable place for women to recover and there are not many long term recovery programs,” said Erin Webb, the program manager. “The unique thing about our program is that children can live here. We want to offer a safe place for women and children for recovery. “

Every spring program graduates celebrate their journey with a grand graduation banquet.

During the banquet, graduates share their aspirations and goals for their future.

Ferguson feels that her experience will help her to help others.

“I would like to be one of those people that a teenager could actually talk to and know that I understand because I have been there” She said.

She learned she is not alone and has built strong relationships that will continue.

“My best friends, I call them my sisters. They are my sisters, they are my family,” She said.

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