Quiz #1 – Common Faults

JRN 300 – Quiz #1 – Common Faults


JRN 300 (2015-3)


Quiz #1 – Monday, September 21, 2015-09-19


Current events:

  1. What is the front page story in the Regina Leader-Post?


  1. What was the lead story on CBC’s “The National” last night?


  1. What was the lead story on CBC Radio One news casts this morning?


  1. What is the lead story on the NewsTalk 980 CJME website this morning?


  1. Who was at the Regina Senior Citizens Centre on Friday and what did he announce?





CP Style – Common Faults (CP, pp.292-301)

  1. Active-passive – rewrite this sentence to make it active:

A grievance board has ordered the reinstatement of a counsellor fired for kicking a patient.




  1. Arithmetic – what’s missing from the sentence?

The number of flagpole sitters has increased by 100 per cent in the last year.



  1. Identify the clichés in this sentence:

By the same token, no one needs to ready about the luck lottery winner for whom Christmas came early.


  1. Circle the big words and suggest better ones:

The council plans to have approximately four meetings to ameliorate new initiatives.



  1. What fault does this sentence commit? Rewrite this sentence to correct the fault?

In an email to Prime Minister Stephen Harper urging that the offices Canada Post plans to eliminate be maintained, the union said it was appalled by the proposed measures.





  1. What’s the matter with this sentence? Change it to correct the fault.

Genereaux believes the government is corrupt.



  1. What’s the matter with this sentence?

The legislation was greeted with howls of protest.



  1. What’s the matter with the way this quotation is introduced? What word would be better?

The woman admitted, “I knew him for three years.”



  1. When reporting opinion polls, what words should be used to introduce results?



  1. Where do adverbs go in a sentence with a compound verb? Pick the better of these two sets of sentences:
  2. a) The plane is missing still.
  3. b) The plane is still missing.


  1. a) Agreement was reached soon.
  2. b) Agreement was soon reached.


  1. What about splitting infinitives? Which is better?
  2. a) Godfrey told him kindly to keep his opinion to himself.
  3. b) Godfrey told him to kindly keep his opinion to himself.


  1. Which of these sentences need “that”?
  2. a) She said that she wanted to be alone.
  3. b) Carson said that on May 1 he was in Halifax.




  1. Which is that? Fix these sentences:

The bird, that flew into the window, was unharmed.

The cat which won “Best in Show” is very cute.


  1. Where does the time go? Chose the better sentence:
  2. a) Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced Wednesday a $2-billion job program.
  3. b) Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced a $2-billion job program Wednesday.


  1. What important information is missing?

A police officer was shot Friday as two men sped away from the scene of a bank holdup in downtown Brandon.



  1. Fix this sentence:

After dining on hundreds of pet cats and dogs, the provincial Environment Ministry has decided to round up coyotes and ship them to remote parts of the province.



  1. Who did it to whom? Is this sentence correct? What’s the rule?

She took refuge with the next-door neighbour who she had trusted in the past.




  1. What’s the matter with this sentence? Rewrite it to fix the fault.

She has a six-figure income as a model, a horse and a Jaguar.