Priscilla Wolf hosts The Other Side

Yeah Priscilla!




“I Cree from the Mistawasis First Nation in Saskatchewan. I am a graduate of INCA and worked in media for many years most recently for APTN National News. My work on the show, The Otherside  includes researching and co-hosting. It’s a unique reality show premiering on APTN Wednesday, January 22nd. The rest of the team consists of Jeff Richards, Bill Connelly and Tom Charles. The guys were great to work with and I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and the genuine gifts each of the men possess. It doesn’t matter if you believe in life after death or the ability to contact the otherside; the show is worth watching just to see how the First Nation’s content makes this paranormal show stand out from what viewers are used to.

🙂 Priscilla Wolf

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