Forrest Kaye

Forrest KayeHello, my name is Forrest Kaye. I am born and also raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am treaty six from Island Lake First Nations. I am currently attending I.N.C.A. summer program institute for pre-journalism. My purpose of taking this course is to recognize, appreciate and acquire proper techniques to convey news to the observing audience. I had some prior experience with media by learning to video capture sports and to video edit. As an aboriginal individual, understanding new cultures, language and customs are an opportunity that wouldn’t otherwise be present to me. I never took journalism into consideration until I started to see the media change within society resulting from the internet. The role of a journalist is ever changing and knowing how to conform with modern technology is more important in todays media. My long-term goal is to find a job within technology journalism. I am interested in most aspects of technology. All these range from scientific achievements, robotics, consumer electronics, gaming, and 3d printing. I believe technology’s role in society is influencing outcomes that would not of happened without the internet. Hi-tech is raising new issues that did not exist a decade ago like new developments in cyber security, drones, 3d printing and privacy. I would like to study and apply this to journalism. With future technology innovations, I imagine tech reporting will be around for a long time.