Gil Purcell Journalism Scholarship for Native Canadians

Gil Purcell Memorial Journalism Scholarship for Native Canadians

Purpose: To encourage native Canadians to pursue a career in journalism through study at a
Canadian postsecondary institution.

The Award: A scholarship of $4,000 and an offer of summer employment at The Canadian
Press or one of its affiliated companies.

It was established in 1990 in honor of Gillis Purcell, general manager of The
Canadian Press, the national news agency, from 1945 to 1969. Many of the
strengths and traditions of Canadian journalism had their roots in his dedication to
the quality of journalism.

Eligibility: To be awarded to a native Canadian (status or non-status Indian, Metis or Inuit)
who is enrolled at a Canadian university or community college. The student must
either be enrolled in a journalism program or actively involved in a volunteer
capacity with a student newspaper or broadcast station. The scholarship is open to
both French and English-speaking native Canadians.

Deadline: November 15 of each year.

Selection: Selection of the successful applicant will be made by a Canadian Press awards
committee. The winner is usually announced in February.

Application forms can be obtained from schools of journalism, native organizations or from:

Mrs. Deborah McCartney
Administrative Assistant – HR
The Canadian Press
36 King Street East
Toronto, ONT. M5C 2L9

Tel: 416-507-2132
Fax: 416-507-2033

Gil Purcell Memorial Journalism
Scholarship for Native Canadians Gil Purcell Memorial Journalism Scholarship for Native Canadians
1. Name in Full

2. Address (including postal code)

Telephone number (including area code)

3. Native Canadian Ancestry

Please explain how you meet the requirement of native Canadian ancestry (status or non-status
Indian, Metis, Inuit).

4. Education

(a) Secondary schools and dates of attendance:

(b) At which post-secondary institution are you studying? When are you scheduled to
complete the course?

(c) Outline in detail your involvement in either a journalism program or a student newspaper.

(d) Colleges, universities or other post-secondary schools; dates of attendance; major courses
of study; degrees or diplomas received:

(e) Average and class standing (if known) in most recent school year:

5. Career Plans

Why are you interested in a career in journalism?