New Week 5 Thursday, October 8


Watch marketing videos (below) – Quiz #7 on Thursday, October 15 will be about marketing

No class next Tuesday!

Major project meetings:

  • Brittany – done
  • Shayla – done

Thursday, October 8

  • 12:30 Morgan
  • 1:30 Jamin
  • 2 p.m. (to be confirmed) Daniel

Next week Thursday, October 15

  • 11:30 Olivia

Still to schedule:

  • Rod
  • Leeland
  • Larissa
  • Katryna
  • Carlos


Two opportunities for student volunteers:

  • Treaty 1-11 meeting at the FNUniv October 16-18, 2015 looking for volunteers and help with the AV for the forums/meetings at the FNUniv. What do we need to do or who do we need to contact to organize the AV equipment for our event as an in kind donation?We would need microphones, wireless or lav mica, screen, projector , laptop and speakers and at least 1 technician. Joely BigEagle-Kequahtooway
  • CBC is planning a live remote on Thursday, October 15 to help maintain The Morning Edition’s #1 position. We are looking for 4 high energy, extroverted people for our street team to join us in the morning to hand out free coffee, prizes and engage with people on their way to work in downtown Regina.Can you help with recruiting some J school/INCA students who would like to work for CBC? They would need to be available for Thurs, Oct 15 from around 5:00 am to 10:00 am.


Election – Vote Compass



Due today – Draft/notes of class business plan – 5 marks

For next Thursday, October 15 watch marketing videos (below) – Quiz #7 – 5 marks will be on marketing

Read NAJA 2016 article – NAJA to partner with SPJ, RTNDA for Excellence in Journalism Conference in 2016




  1. Students to discus their interests related to the class project

    1. Discuss BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE (ideas from class)                               Government of Canada – Writing Your Business PlanExecutive Summary – leave ’til laterBUSINESS STRATEGYCompany Summary
      • What kind of business organization will we be?
      • Options: corporation, co-operative/collective (Katryna), non-profit

      Purpose of the Business – vision, main objectives

      Description of Products and Services

      40th Anniversary magazine and website

      • glossy, colour

      Suggested contents:

      Interview with Elder/Veteran Tony Cote (Leeland)

      • need editorial staff to develop story ideas

      Our Industry

      Aboriginal publishing in Canada – need research

      Market Analysis

      Our potential readership:

      • list every “type” of person who would read our magazine

      Our potential advertisers:

      • each student to come up with 10 potential advertisers
        • SIGA (Carlos)

      Strategy and Implementation Summary – Timeline

      • Planning – now…
      • Implementation – soon…
      • Publication date?

      Management and Personnel Summary

      • Shannon – faculty advisor
      • Daniel Q. nominated to be in charge of all financial accounting
      • Production – getting prices from printers and designer
      • Editorial – finding writers for stories – need to decide payment per word
      • Advertising sales people – need to decide commission rate

      Financial Plan

    2. Need quotes from printers so we can decide on advertising rates