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Kurtis McAdam CSC Training Summary

I am currently employed with Saskatchewan Penitentiary at WP-4 level. Although this has been a very rewarding experience for me, I am seeking new challenges within different institutions or organizations. I have spent 7 years at Stan Daniels Healing Centre delivering Aboriginal Programs and 3 years as a National Trainer for In Search of Your Warrior program. Currently I deliver In Search of Your Warrior program and Aboriginal Offender Substance Abuse Program at Saskatchewan Penitentiary.


My skills and abilities has stemmed from my strong commitment, work ethic, and sense of professionalism. I maintain high work standards for myself and have excellent rapport with co-workers, clients and employers. I have proven abilities to grasp and apply new concepts quickly and I am able to resolve problems in a timely manner. I have assistant in Human Resources department for interviewing Elders helper for Edmonton Institution. In addition I would like to comment that I am fluent in the First Nations Cree language.


Significant experience working within an Aboriginal community or organization/significant experience working within an Aboriginal community or organization:


In the years spent working at Stan Daniels Healing Centre I had the prospect to work at a camp located across from Big Horn First Nation in Alberta. I assisted and worked independently in coordinating several camps over the years for Aboriginal high intensity programs and cultural events for offenders. I have had the opportunity in collaborating with community organizations, such as R.C.M.P, Parks Canada, and local residents, First Nations Bands, Fish and Wild Life. I was a Living Unit Officer for approximately 5 years at Stan Daniels Healing Centre. I am skilled at mediation and conflict resolution. I have experience in an operational environment, experience in people processing and goods processing. I have worked in healing lodge, which provided comprehensive knowledge with Elders and there protocols, traditions and customs.


In 2008 while working at Edmonton Institution I had the opportunity with other staff to develop guide lines, agreement contracts and policies. The booklet was use at a healing range in Pathways. Providing advice to management and developing policies for inmates was an educational experience. This provided me experience with participating in and with multiple stake holders.  My experience in applying traditional Aboriginal cultural and spiritual practices and values within a correctional environment has been an asset to program delivering as well.


During my Employment at Edmonton Institution, I was responsible for delivering Cultural Competence to Correctional Service staff members; such as Probation officers, Correctional Officers, Management and so forth. Cultural Competence was a pilot project at the time and I was asked to assist in monitoring its effectiveness when delivering to staff. I reported directly to the prairie Regional Office for any recommendations pertaining to Cultural Competency training. Sense the pilot project, the program has now become a National Training Standard within Correctional Services of Canada.


Writing reports at the end of each program is part of my responsibility. When I was a National Trainer with Native Counselling Services of Alberta, I was accountable for evaluating program effectiveness and delivery, such as high intensity programs. From this and working with other stake holders, I gained comprehension of Aboriginal social, historical and political structures and its impact on the Aboriginal crime cycle. The programs I delivered targeted Aboriginal offenders needs and issues within the criminal justice system.


I was recently involved Professional Development Committee in Saskatchewan Penitentiary. We were responsible in organizing a Professional Development Day for C.S.C employees. The training was to enhance our skills in the work place. This gave me the opportunity to develop and enhance my skills in networking, time management, leadership, and project management.


I’ m also currently a member of the Employment Equity Diversity Committee at Saskatchewan Penitentiary. I took part in coordinating, planning, and setting up a video conference. The video conference opened up discussion surrounding Elements of Change, a transformation model towards inclusion for Aboriginal People in the work place. The video conference also brought together people from Prairies, Pacific, N.H.Q, and R.H.Q. This was to begin discussion in ways to support an Aboriginal specific mentoring program for all Aboriginal employees.


I took part, along with three other members in organizing and coordinating the first Regional Aboriginal People’s Circle in northern Saskatchewan. In the past three years we provided awareness to the community in missing and murder Aboriginal Woman. This began with Truth and Reconciliation Hearing, which we did a Round Dance for, sense then we committed four years. We worked in collaboration with Elders and Indian Metis Friendship Centre to bring awareness in historical trauma annual Round Dances. This provided me experience in Aboriginal Culture, knowledge in traditions, skills and abilities in planning and coordinating Aboriginal events.


I have been trained in motivational interviewing and learned a variety of techniques in counselling while working in program department. Being able to speak fluently in Cree has assisted me in translating for the Elders and individuals who are in conflict with the law. I also provided translation for Elder assisted Hearing for National Parole Board.


I have attached my resume for your perusal. I look forward to hearing from you for an interview. Further information needed I may be contacted at home or at work thank you for your time.





Kurtis McAdam

Aboriginal Correctional Program Officer

Saskatchewan Penitentiary

Bus: (306) 765-8000








Johns Ambulance Standard First Aid

Facilitating programs and various skills

Four years of counselling and advocating services

Life Management Skills Leader Certificate

Nechi Institute Drug and Alcohol Addictions Certificate

WHMIS Tickets

Aboriginal Offender Substance Abuse Program

In Search Of Your Warrior Training Program

Cultural Competence Train the Trainers




Assistant in Human Resources, interviewing Elders helper for Edmonton Institution.

Strong presentation, communication and interpersonal skills.

Adept time management, organizational, decision-making and problem solving abilities

Dependable, reliable, quick and eager to learn

Outstanding supervisory and leadership skills

Liaison with different levels of authority and people of diverse backgrounds

Counselled to provide guidance, questioning and listening to clients needs

Facilitated learning in large groups using systematic approach




2014 Public Service Alliance of Canada, Activist School


2014 Public Service Alliance of Canada, Mini Union School – Saskatoon


2012 Public Service Alliance of Canada, Grievance Handling


2007 Cultural Competence Train the Trainers Edmonton and area


2007 Edmonton Institution of Alberta- Edmonton, Alberta, Aboriginal Offender         Substance Abuse Program


2006 Values and Ethics works with Correctional Services Canada


2002 Native Counselling Services of Alberta- Edmonton, Alberta, In Search Of Your Warrior Program


2000 Grant MacEwan Community College – Edmonton, Alberta , writing skills


2000- 2001 Martech College of Marketing and Management – Edmonton, Alberta,

Business Marketing & Management Program


1995-97 Grade 12 certificate- Alberta Vocational College


1994 Nechi Institute – Edmonton, Alberta, Community Addictions Training



1994 Integrated Training Centre – Edmonton, Alberta, Business Services Retail        Training


1994 Integrated Training Centre- Edmonton, Alberta, Personal Development                                                                                                                                                                        Training


1993 Grant MacEwan Community College – Edmonton, Alberta, Life          Management Skills Leader Program





Saskatchewan Penitentiary- Prince Albert Saskatchewan

Aboriginal Correctional Program Officer – In Search Of Your Warrior Program and Aboriginal Offender Substance Abuse Program, Basic Healing Program, and Family Violence Prevention Program.


Edmonton Institution- Edmonton, Alberta

Aboriginal Correctional Program Officer – In Search Of Your Warrior Program and Aboriginal Offender Substance Abuse Program, facilitate programs, progress reports- pre and post assessments. Cultural Competence Train the Trainers Edmonton and area. Part time employment with Stan Daniels Healing Centre.


Edmonton Institution- Edmonton, Alberta

Assisted in Peter O’ Chiese Pathways

Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Criteria, and Pathways Unit Hand Book


Stan Daniels Healing Centre- Edmonton, Alberta

Programs Facilitator – In Search Of Your Warrior Program

Facilitate programs, progress reports- pre and post assessments, one on one

Counselling, escorts, provide after care.


2006 Native Counselling Services of Alberta- Edmonton, Alberta

In Search Of Your Warrior Train the program; Trained CSC employees and Personal Contractors to deliver In Search Of Your Warrior Program.


2001-2006 Stan Daniels Healing Centre – Edmonton, Alberta

Corrections Officer/ Living Unit Living Officer/ Shift Manager

Conducting formal and informal rounds of complex and grounds security of

Building and supervise night cleaners. Keep accurate time sheets for inmates.

Prepare intake files for incoming residents, maintain count and picture board for any updates. Filed work orders for centre.


2000-2001 Stan Daniels Healing Centre – Edmonton, Alberta

Camp Attendant/ Camp Counsellor


1992-1997 Thundervoice Counselling Services – Edmonton, Alberta

Psychologist Assistant, Youth and Marriage Counsellor


1995-1996 Thundervoice Counselling Services – Edmonton, Alberta

Elders Assistant, Counsellor


1995 Mother Earth Healing Society- Edmonton, Alberta

Public Speaker/ Native Advocate


1994-1996 Thundervoice Counselling Services – Edmonton, Alberta

Elders Assistant, Inmate and Guidance Counsellor


1992-1993 Thnudervoice Counselling Services – Edmonton, Alberta

Youth Outreach Worker and Counsellor






I am also part of a drama group doing skits of Wesahkecahk. Promoting Aboriginal culture by bringing the stories to life in short skits is an excellent way to teach the Aboriginal culture to young and old alike and mixed multi cultural audiences encouraging pride and understanding. The skits recruit volunteers from the audience in minor roles to assist, further encouraging pride, understanding and ownership. The stories have many teaching within them including morals, ethics, values and lessons about living a good life as taught by the Creator through the Grandfathers and Grandmothers.  They teach of the Sacred Teaching of Love, Caring, Respect, Truth, Humility, Courage and Wisdom and about Mother Earth and all on Her.