Interview with Chief Louie, JAED, 2008


Chief Louie: Yes, smart people surround themselves with smarter people; only dumb people hang around dumb people. If you want to hang around lazy people I guess you go to school on bad examples. There’s a lot of that around. There are a handful of First Nations and First Nation people that are starting to realize that business is a risk and in business you don’t get everything you want. You can’t wait around for the world to be perfect, because it isn’t perfect and never will be perfect.

Chief Louie: Go to school and educate yourself about other people and other experiences. The bad, and not just the good. Learn about the bad too. Failed arrangements, failed deals, and bankrupt operations. Some people with degrees might think they’re know-it-alls but they have little real-life business experience. I’ve never met someone who actually knows it all! I don’t care how many degrees you have behind your name, you’re not a know-it-all. I rarely hear about the failed operations. Where are those? They tend to get shoved under t