2015fallinca284syllabus on Sept 7



INCA 284-S01



Management, Marketing and Advertising


for Indian/Native Media



Instructor: Shannon Avison, MA (Media Studies)

Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies

Indian Communication Arts (INCA)


Office : First Nations University

Office phone: (306) 790-5950 x 3230

Cell: 306-536-8069

Fax: (306) 790-5991


Course Dates:        September 9 to December 7, 2015


Days/Times:            Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 – 11:15


Location:                 TBA

Final Examination: Thursday, December 3 (Last day of class)

Registration:           INCA 284–S01 (CRN 31616)



INCA 284 3:3-0 University of Regina Undergraduate Course Catalogue:


Management, Marketing, and Advertising for Indian/Native Media

This course introduces the range of practical and cultural logistics of management, marketing, and advertising for Indian/native media outlets.

***Prerequisite: INDG 100 and INDG 101***


Online Resources:

This course relies heavily on my blog at You must access this blog to find digital copies of all resource materials. If you don’t know how to do this, please contact the instructor in the first week of classes for help. Course email and grades will be available at the UR Courses site, which will be available to you as soon as you are registered in the course.


Readings: All readings and resources are available online at



“Regular and punctual attendance at classes provides a foundation for academic success, and is expected of all students. When the persistent lateness or absence of a student jeopardizes the learning or the evaluation of the work of other students in the course, the student may be subject to penalty, including being dropped from the course or being barred from writing the final examination. One written warning will be provided to the student before such action is taken.”  (University of Regina Academic Calendar)


Academic Misconduct:  

Please see the URegina Calendar at for guidelines related to Academic Misconduct, which includes cheating and plagiarism.


Special Needs:  

If you are a student in this course who, because of a disability, may have a need for accommodations, please discuss the issue with the instructor, as well as contacting the Coordinator of Special Needs Services at (306) 585-4631 or go to RC 251.



All assignments are mandatory, i.e. you must complete all of the assignments. Late assignments will not be graded; however, they must be submitted for you to pass the class.  You may use MLA or APA style for all of your submissions.




Assignment Marks Date due
Weekly quizzes – Students will be notified in advance about the content of the quizzes. Students will not be allowed to complete missed quizzes unless they have made previous arrangements with the instructor. 30 Quizzes are marked on the schedule but are subject to change.
Individual Project – Each student will develop a unique research project that reflects their interests and aspirations related to this course. Projects will be developed in consultation with the instructor. 25 Tuesday, December 1
Presentation of Individual Projects – Each student will present their Individual Project to the class in the last two weeks of the semester. 10 November 24 & 26, December 1
Class participation – These marks will be awarded to students who attend class, have done all of the preparation for class and participate enthusiastically as we work as a class to develop our class business project 20 September 9 – December 7
Final exam – The final exam will be held on the last day of class and will be made up of True/False, Multiple Choice and Short Answer questions that test understanding of all of the concepts and activities in the class. A review for the exam will be held prior to the last day of class. 15 Thursday, December 3 (last day of class)







Fall 2015 Schedule


Note: The schedule is not set in stone. It will be adjusted according to availability of guest lecturers, interests of students and opportunities that come up as the semester unfolds. All updates will be noted on the INCA 284 COURSE OUTLINE page at


Week Tuesday Thursday
Week 1

Sept.  10


No class Welcome and introductions

Review Course Syllabus

For next class:

£ Complete the Entrepreneurial Potential Self-Assessment and be ready to report what the test revealed about you.

£ Preparation for Quiz #1: Read Clarence Louie interview and watch Day of Inspiration lectures (6 sections, approx. one hour) (both available in Readings and Resources)

Week 2

Sept. 15 & 17

Aboriginal Business and Entrepreneurship

Quiz (example) – Chief Louie interview and videos

Class project: A business plan for an INCA publication

For next class:

£ Review materials about Chris Ross and RezX, and watch the latest episodes of RezX TV at

Quiz #1 – Chris Ross, RezX

Guest speaker: Chris Ross, Publisher, RezX magazine and Executive Producer, RezX TV


For next class:

£ Review First Nation Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Canada by Warren I. Weir.

£ Preparation for Quiz #2 – Review the Aboriginal Business Directory website (link in Readings and Resources). What is the criteria for eligibility? Pick one business and be ready to describe it to our class: Why did you pick it? Where are they located? What produce/service do they provide

Week 3

Sept. 22 & 24

Publications and Advertising

Quiz #2 – ABD

Review and discuss Weir

For next class:

£ Review the Treaty 4 News website and materials

 Quiz #3 – Treaty 4 News

Guest speaker: Brad Bellegarde, Ad Sales Rep., Treaty 4 News


For next class:

£ Prepare for Quiz #4 – Check out CJTR’s programming at and activities at

Week 4

Sept. 29 & Oct. 1

Community radio and fundraising

Quiz #4 – CJTR

CJTR Presentation by Josh Haugerud, Executive Director and Amy, Programming Manager

TO BE CONFIRMED (might move to Oct. 20)

Business Plan class project

What are financial statements?

For next class:

Prepare for Quiz #4 – Watch the CCAB video series and answer the questions on the assignment

Week 5

Oct. 6 & 8


Quiz # 5 – CCAB

Business Plan class project

Review all marketing materials on website, including “What is marketing? Marketing Magazine and 10 Best TED Talks for Marketing

Quiz #6 – Marketing



Week 6

Oct. 13 & 15

Using social media to market your business

No Class today!

For next class:

Watch video of Terry Massey from last semester and review website on social media. How can we use social media to market our class project?

 Quiz #7 – Social media

Guest: Using social media to market your business. Guest lecturer: Terry Massey,Owner/Designer Thirteen Letter Inc.

Week 7

Oct. 20 & 22

Publishing Online

 Business Plan class project  Preparation for Quiz #7 – Review MBC website and listen to presentation by Deb Charles
Week 8

Oct. 27 & 29

Quiz #8 – MBC

Business Plan class project

 Guest: Deb Charles, CEO of Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)
Week 9


3 & 5

Quiz #9  Guest lecturer: TBA

Preparing for Quiz #9

Week 10

Nov.10 & 12


Quiz #10 – Marketing Guest lecturer: TBA

Assignment for Quiz #10 – Listen to Lisa Squires presentation about marketing APTN

Week 11

Nov. 17 & 19

Quiz #11 – APTN Guest lecturer: Lisa Squires, APTN Marketing
Week 12

Nov. 24 & 26

Student Presentations

Business Plan class project

Student Presentations

Business Plan class project

Week 13

Dec. 1 & 3

Student Presentations

Review for Final Exam

Final Exam





By the end of the semester, students in this course will


  • Understand what the “entrepreneurial spirit” is
  • Understand the basics of how businesses are managed, how products are developed and marketed and how advertising is sold
  • Have a basic business vocabulary
  • Be able to identify different financial statements and describe what is achieved by balance sheets, profit-loss statements and cash flow statements
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Experience working in a team on a group project, including planning, organizing and controlling a project
  • Learn to think and communicate strategically
  • Improve their public speaking skills
  • Improved their PowerPoint presentation design skills
  • Develop work flow schedules
  • Be able to describe and have examples of different forms of business (sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and cooperatives)
  • Understand the basics of marketing and market research
  • Understand how social media supports businesses
  • Understand how advertising is prices and attempt to sell an advertisement for a Native publication
  • Meet media entrepreneurs
  • Understand how APTN marketing works
  • Learn about fund-raising and sponsorships
  • Know the difference between primary and secondary research and quantitative and qualitative research design
  • Carry out primary research in the form of interviewing, focus groups and observational research
  • Learn about corporate social responsibility
  • Understand the advantages and challenges of operating a business on a reserve
  • Understand the challenges of human resource management