INCA 283 Week 4 – Feb. 1




Indigenous media organization assignment

Due next week Monday, February 8  changed to Monday, February 22 – no extensions – failure to present = 0



Today we are doing the final seven Seeing Red chapter presentations, then talking about the survey results students found on their first assignment. Next,  each student will decide and declare which Aboriginal media organization they will research and present on for that assignment (due Monday, February 22). Finally we will review the assigned reading “Speaking and Hearing”

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The most important story in Canada that everyone is glossing over…

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  • Student presentations of Seeing Red: A History of Natives in Canadian Newspapers chapters (This material will not be covered in the mid-term)
  1. This Land is Mine: Rupert’s Land Purchase, 1869 – – JAMIN/MORGAN
  2. Fifty-six Words – Treaty 3, 1873 – EVA
  3. “Our little War”: The North-West Rebellion, 1885 – CLAIRICE (absent)
  4. The Golden Rule: The Klondike Gold Rush, 1898-1905 – TONY
  5. Poet, Princess, Possession: Remembering Pauline Johnson, 1913- LAURISSA
  6. Disrobing Grey Owl: The Death of Archie Belaney, 1938 – CARLOS
  7. “Potential Indian Citizens?”: Aboriginal People After World War II, 1948 – JOLENE
  8. Cardboard Characters: The White Paper, 1969 – DANIEL
  9. Bended Elbow News: The Anicinabe Park Standoff, 1974 – RAMONA
  10. Indian Princell/Indian “Squaw”: Bill C-31, 1985 – JAIDA
  11. Letters from the Edges: The Oka Crisis, 1990 – SHAYLA (absent)
  12. Back to the Future: A Prairie Centennial, 1905-2005 – JAMIN/MORGAN



  • Discuss Survey finding from chart…and each student decide and declare which Aboriginal media organization they want to research and present on February 22


  • Discuss reading: Speaking and Hearing by Shannon Avison and Michael Meadows, 2000, CJC

INCA 283 Speaking and Hearing Avison Meadows

Speaking and Hearing powerpoint presentation


Review assignments

Remind about exam on March 28 – covers all reading:

INCA 283 Speaking and Hearing Avison Meadows

INCA 283 Clarifying Ambiguitities by Demay

“Indigenous journalists are changing the news in Saskatchewan,” in J-Source.