INCA 283 (2016) Week 1 – Jan. 11


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Class 1 attendance


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Assignments due: 

Survey due next week




2. Review INCA program

  • INCA 200 Summer Institute in May-June
    • Watch INCA Inspired 2013 (find it in INCA Projects)
  • INCA 290 Internships
  • NAJA conference in September 2016
  • Review 40th Anniversary Alumni publication project – Roles and Opportunities

2. Review Syllabus

3. Discuss strategies for completing Assignment #1 – due next week

Assignment: Survey of Aboriginal media – Students will conduct Internet and library research to complete the chart/template provided by the instructor for this assignment. Click here for template INCA 283 survey template

The goal of this assignment is to have students start to appreciate the range and variety of Aboriginal publications, broadcasters (radio and television) and other media producers in Canada. The completed assignment should include the completed chart with 20 organizations and a 500-word “reflection” about what was learned through researching this assignment. This assignment will be the basis of a discussion and exercise in class. No late assignments will be accepted.

Marks: Completed table/5; Reflection/5


4. Discussion: What do you already know about media – mainstream and Aboriginal?




INCA 283 article

INCA 283 Northern Ontario FNs and the www by Budka

  • Isuma TV

“Otacimow: One Who Tells Stories” produced by Jarrett Crowe. Available at


Assignments for next week:

Watch The Seeing Each Other: Canadian Media and Aboriginal People panel, held in Nanaimo, BC in January 2014, which examines the role Canada’s media plays in shaping the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. You don’t have to watch the whole thing (unless you want to). But you should watch the introductory remarks of the MC and the three featured speakers:

  • Don Kelly, Fish Out of Water 28:45 – 32:35
  • Duncan McCue 32:35 – 45:00
  • Judith Lavoie 45:00 – 53:00
  • Wab Kinew 53:00 – 1:02:00

References in the video:


Reading assignment for Week 2

There are two objectives for your reading/watching assignments:

  1.  I want you to get a sense of the way that literacy and books were interpreted when they were first introduced to “Indians” in the late 1500s and early 1600s. This is the subject of  “The Power of Print in the Eastern Woodlands” by James Axtell in The William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 44, No. 2 (April 1987), pp.300-309.
  2. I want you to learn about the Cherokee Phoenix, which is likely the first publication by “Indians” in North America. The first edition was released on February 21, 1828, and the editor included an explanation “To the Public,” which explained the purpose of the publication. There is also a good background explanation of  The Cherokee Phoenix, produced by the Hunter Library. There are also a number of scholarly articles that are of interest, including on published in the Chronicles of Oklahoma in 1947,  Cherokee Phoenix- Pioneer of Indian Journalism by Robert Martin pp. 102-118.


For background on Sequoyah (George Gist) and the Cherokee writing system he developed, you should watch the following short videos:


See you next week!