Gil Purcell Scholarship $4,000 Deadline Nov. 15

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Gil Purcell Memorial Journalism Scholarship for Aboriginal Canadians – $4,000 deadline November 15, 2016\

Send completed applications to Marissa D’Mello

Human Resources

The Canadian Press

36 King Street East

Toronto, ONT. M5C 2L9


Application should include



Telephone number

E-mail address

Native Canadian Ancestry (explain how you meet the requirement)


(a) Secondary schools and Dates of attendance

(b) At which post-secondary institution are you studying? When are you scheduled to compete the course?

(c) College, universities or other post-secondary schools: dates of attendance; major course of study; degrees or diplomas received:

(d) Average and class standing (if Known) in most recent school year

(e) Outline in detail your involvement in either a journalism program or a news organization (for instance, a student newspaper or radio station) associated with the post-secondary institution



Why are you interested in a career in journalism?