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I wanted to let you know about our attempt to make a new TV Series all about Frybread!  Our hit film ‘More Than Frybread’ will continue through the half hour sitcom.  We are looking to raise finishing funds via Kickstarter.  Please see below.  Thanks!

Here is our kickstarter link:

The kickstarter link has a few selected scenes of the Pilot Episode (very rough still, but should be able to give you a feel of the show).

The Show will be available via our Viimeo site for purchased streaming options:

This is where the show’s audience can see the shows at their convenience.  We are working on other TV options as well.  We have interest from 3 stations in Northern Arizona along with an interest from Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) in Canada who we’ve previously sold 3 movies too and have a working relationship with.  We are new to the TV distribution world and so continue to learn as we move forward.

If you have not yet seen our ‘More Than Frybread’ movie you should!  This film is where the TV series breaks off from.

Here is the streaming link for it as well:

Our company’s website:

Please let me know if there are any specific questions you have.  Thanks!

Travis Holt Hamilton, Producer

Holt Hamilton Productions



More Than Frybread – The Movie

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