Football host wanted

Regina Rams marketing coordinator writes:

I am the interim marketing coordinator with the Regina Rams football team and during the year we produce a web-series called RamsTV with player and coach interviews and behind the scenes features. We are looking at getting a new host as in the past few years myself and Karlen have hosted it but Karlen has moved out East and I have taken on the role of marketing coordinator for this season so we were wondering if a journalism student looking for some on camera experience would be interested in taking on this role.
I’m not sure if you are the person to talk to about this or you could let me know who is. I was hoping the department of journalism would be able to e-mail our advertisement out to their students. We were also talking about possibly making it a class credit for a project if that works with one of your classes you offer.
Thank you,
Alicia Dorwart
University of Regina Rams
Project & Marketing Manager