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It’s official! Our marketing materials- from our new website to the recruitment branding to the new program catalogue- have moved from soft launch mode to sharing with everyone J

We will be posting on Facebook and tweeting about this tomorrow am (March 4).

It is already posted on our website J

Link to post on our website: www.fnuniv.ca/news

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Media Release


First Nations University of Canada Launches New Website and Recruitment Campaign


March 3, 2015 – The First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) has unveiled its new recruitment brand with the launch of its revamped website, www.fnuniv.ca, and a new program catalogue. Both the website and the catalogue feature FNUniv’s engaging new design and tag-line, “What’s Your Soul Reason?”.


This open-ended question, with its clever play on words, provides an opportunity for people to articulate the many reasons that they have chosen to make FNUniv part of their educational journey. In listening to stories of Elders, students, faculty and staff, it was clear that all had their own “soul reason” for being involved with this special institution.


The campaign draws upon and promotes the University’s strengths and attributes as a truly unique Indigenous post-secondary institution, where education is combined with First Nations culture, history and values, including inclusivity, respect and spirituality.  FNUniv has been a leader in Indigenous education for nearly 40 years.


Some of the “soul reasons” why students have chosen to study at FNUniv include:


OUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME. At FNUniv, students are in a place founded on Indigenous values. Our environment is built around the knowledge and understanding of First Nations’ cultures, beliefs and traditions. We also understand that this resonates with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and that our institution embodies respect and appreciation for everyone.


WORLD CLASS EDUCATION. As a fully-accredited federated college of the University of Regina, FNUniv provides a quality post-secondary education that is rooted in Indigenous knowledge and tradition. Our faculty is at the top of their fields and brings their experiences into the classroom and to their research. They teach beyond the books as their stories come from the heart.


BEYOND THE WALLS AND BOOKS. FNUniv leaves an imprint on many people, whether they are from Saskatchewan or from another corner of the country or the world.  Through our programs, FNUniv reaches into the heart of many First Nations communities to make a positive difference.  Everyone who studies and works at our institution has his or her own “soul reason” to support FNUniv to be an innovator and an inspiration for many generations to come.


The website was designed with current and potential students in mind, and is fully adaptable to any size screen, from a laptop, tablet or smart phone. The menu connects viewers to exactly what they are looking for in a click or two.


“These innovative marketing products are geared toward accentuating those aspects of our institution that are distinctive,” said FNUniv’s Vice-President Academic, Dr. Lynn Wells. “We welcome students of every background while we remain true to our original mandate to contribute to the overall well-being of First Nations people and communities.”



Media Contact:          

Racelle Kooy, Director of Communications

Office: 306-790-5950 ext 2600

Mobile: (306) 551-2965

Email: rkooy@fnuniv.ca