FNUniv in American Indian Education Journal

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Good day everyone, 
Late last fall, FNUniv Communications was approached for assistance in fact checking an article about SIFC/FNUniv by researcher Steven J. Crum  who was preparing an aarticle for the Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education. He was finalizing a feature article about us. Dr. Blair Stonechild Blair reviewed the article  “A History of the First Nations College Movement of Canada, 1969-2000”and provided some corrections to the inaccuracies that he identified. We provided an array of pictures for the author to choose from for the article and looked forward to receiving the published article. 
The journal arrived in yesterdays mail and we have scanned the article so you can see how it appears in the journal.
Link to the article via their website: http://www.tribalcollegejournal.org/archives/29239
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