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Communications Consultant

SaskCulture Inc. , Regina


Name: Diane Ell

Phone: 306-780-9453




August 28, 2015

SaskCulture Inc.
Communications Consultant
Job DescriptionJOB SUMMARY:
SaskCulture’s Communication Team works together to provide a consistent and cohesive “voice’ for the organization and its role in building a culturally vibrant province. The Communication Team provides collective experience in the area of communications to address the needs of various program delivery areas, such as funding, Culture Days and Creative Kids, as well as the organization as a whole.

Reporting to the Communications Manager, the Communications Consultant position is responsible for various components of the research, development, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of various internal and external communication strategies designed to meet the organization’s strategic priorities and long-term ends. The position works within the Ends and Executive Limitations framework established by the Board and interpreted by the General Manager.


1. Develop and implement various internal and external communication plans in consultation with internal clients, ensuring they address client objectives and connect back to SaskCulture’s overall plans, vision, mission, brand and messaging.
a. Implementation of the annual Culture Days promotional campaign, in conjunction with SaskCulture Outreach team, designed to increase awareness of Saskatchewan cultural activity, and of SaskCulture’s support.
b. Assist internal and external clients to ensure SaskCulture brand message is included.

2. Coordinate the development, maintenance and responsive updating of SaskCulture web sites and social media accounts in support of the organization’s overarching and interim communication strategies.
a. Maintain, schedule, update and monitor SaskCultures’ web sites.
b. Research, assess, and report on, and get approvals for, new technology updates that will add value to SaskCulture’s web site operations.
c. Listen to messages, feedback and comments made on web site and respond promptly with answers or referrals for additional expertise.
d. Interpret SaskCulture messaging in order to serve as the voice for SaskCulture’s online presence.
e. Maintain, schedule, update and monitor SaskCulture’s social media accounts.
f. Research and evaluate online community engagement to build an understanding of SaskCulture’s online audiences.
g. Work with developers and technical support to ensure system security and maintenance.
h. Coordinate the online accounts, according to risk management guidelines, which support the online and social media strategies.
i. Identify procedures, policy issues and other administrative functions that will assist in smooth delivery of the web site and social media to its intended audiences.
j. Serve as staff resource on web site and social media use.

3. Coordinate the development and distribution of key educational resources that support SaskCulture’s outreach.
a. Maintain an online resource base for all SaskCulture materials on SaskCulture’s web site.
b. Provide access, expertise and production for staff webinars and online presentations.

4. Coordinate the development, design, publication, distribution, monitoring, evaluation and storage/archive of key print and online communication tools that support SaskCulture’s overarching Communication Strategy.
a. Coordinate the development, delivery and evaluation of SaskCulture’s
E-update and Culture Days newsletters.
b. Help identify, develop and implement an internal communication technology that can be used to share key information and planning internally.
c. Support the development and publication of various print communication tools as required.

5. Research and write content to support various communication initiatives, including (but not limited to) magazine articles, promotional copy, educational and information-based resources, speeches, presentations, etc.

6. Attend internal and external meetings/conferences and other events when a communication presence is required.
a. Represent SaskCulture by sharing organizational messages, collecting feedback, taking photographs and sharing social media posts.
b. Share feedback from experience as content through various communication channels as appropriate.

7. Perform other administrative and program duties as required.
a. Ensure all files related to projects are consolidated, culled and filed in central filing and/or archives as required.
b. Provide back up to other Communication positions as required.
c. Assists Communication Manager in preparation of Board communication and reports.

The incumbent requires skills in strategic communication planning, public relations, social media, web sites, other digital media, publication management, and event planning, as well as having strong organizational skills, written communication, multi-tasking abilities, clear and concise delivery of information, file management, customer relations and attention to detail.

• Customer Aware and Focused: Must be committed to providing responsive services to staff and stakeholders and work respectfully within a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment.
• Team-Orientation: Must be committed to being a team player and working to meet team goals, as well as fostering teamwork and partnerships with external partners. Must effectively communicate processes and timelines, as well as preventing and responding to conflict, and supporting consensus building.
• Communication: Must be able to listen to and convey information and opinions of diverse audiences with clarity, conciseness, professionalism and cultural sensitivity, in both verbal and written contexts for both internal and external audiences.
• Leadership: Must be willing to share areas of competence with others. Must show personal leadership within the position, through setting priorities, delegating work and meeting timelines consistently.
• Strategic Thinking/Problem Solving: Must be able to anticipate upcoming opportunities and challenges to achieve required outcomes. Must be able to use innovative approaches to develop supportive systems and processes. Must be willing to participate in the ongoing change process required of an organization that values, and is responsive to, the cultural community.

 Communication Planning Knowledge: Must have understanding of the concepts of communication planning, and the role of the communications function within the organization.
• Verbal, Written & Electronic Communication Skills: Must have excellent writing skills and the ability to prepare, proofread, and format communication tools in a variety of formats and for a variety of audiences. Must be able to communicate in a professional manner to reflect the image of SaskCulture and assess information and determine what is important. Knowledge of social media practices are required.
• Attention to Detail: Must be detail-oriented and precise with the ability to review letters, documents, plans and financial budgets in detail to ensure accuracy, complete information and timeliness.
• Social Media Skills: Be familiar with social media platforms and understand their use in building long-lasting client relationships and meeting organizational priorities.
• Computer and Software Skills: Must have a good working knowledge of computer programs such as word processing, spreadsheet and database software, as well as digital media software required to create, edit, integrate and produce communications tools using photos, videos, audio and other media.
• Research Analysis and Presentation: Must be able to use analytical and technical skills to collect and organize information that can be used to develop clear and concise presentations.
• Budget & Planning: Must have an understanding of budget development and monitoring.
• Flexibility & Initiative: Must be able to effectively handle interruptions, multi-task, and provide support to all areas in SaskCulture.
• Organizational Skills: Must demonstrate strong organizational skills, with the ability to plan, set priorities, multi-task on a regular basis and meet timelines consistently.
• Cultural Knowledge: Must have knowledge of Saskatchewan culture, including heritage, arts, multiculturalism and cultural/creative industries..
• Facilitation Skills: Must be skilled at leading discussions with groups with varying interests with the objective of reaching agreement / consensus.
• Program Evaluation: Must demonstrate the ability to develop, deliver, analyze and evaluate communication programs.
• General Office skills: Must be familiar with a variety of office equipment, computer applications, and office procedures including filing, photocopying, mailing, etc.Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.39.12 AM