Calling all SIFC & FNUniv Alumni!

Calling all SIFC & FNUniv Alumni!
We need your help to showcase where our graduates are today.
Deadline Wednesday May 26, 2015
For the Alumni Showcase, please provide the following information about yourself:
Full Name:
Home Community:  
Example: Fishing Lake First Nation
Year graduated and what program you graduated from:
Example: 1997, Bachelor of Indigenous Education
Your current employer and position:
Example:  Fishing Lake First Nation, Education Coordinator
Your email:  
For follow-up re: this project & be provided to the Alumni association- not to be used for any other intent
*BONUS- a picture of you on the job or in your home community
Note: by sending us the photo you are giving the First Nations University of Canada consent to use the photo as part of a public alumni showcase and FNUniv would only be used for that purpose
Send us your information by Wednesday May 26, 2015:
As a direct message via our Facebook page
As a direct message via our twitter account:
For more information, call Shelley Fayant: 1-800-267-6303 ext 2605
Thanks for your help!