Welcome to the Indian Communication Arts Summer Institute in Journalism. The INCA Summer Institute is a 6-week program of intensive training and assignments. It is designed to give you skills and experience, so that you are prepared to complete an internship at a newspaper, radio or television station, or in a media relations position.

Each week of the institute is organized around a specific assignment

Week 1 – Pitch Assignment
Week 2 – Print news story (350-500 words, plus picture)
Week 3 – Radio news item
Week 4 – Radio feature story
Week 5 – Completion of all assigned responsibilities in radio show production
Week 6 – Draft script for television news story
Wee 7 – Completion of all assigned responsibilities for television show production

The trainers in the INCA Summer Institute are working journalists. Our objective is to give you the skills you need to be an entry-level reporter. The lectures are short and are designed to give you the information you need to produce stories for publication and broadcast. The assignments are designed to give you the experience of researching, writing, interviewing and editing stories that you can submit for publication or broadcast.