This invitation came to the Department of Journalism, University of Regina…

Note: this is not a JHR project and we haven’t worked with this organization before…but it does look interesting–Shannon

I am writing to you expecting your assistance in having this information spread out to the students of your university who are preparing for their abroad internship this time of the year. Internship Nepal is an organization that offers a unique range of services for the students of subjects like Photography, Journalism, PhotoJournalism and Thesis Writing and provides opportunities to complete their abroad internships in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Students applying for the internship program will be placed in a home stay with an extremely hospitable host family in Kathmandu. This will allow them to experience the true culture of Nepal along whilst enjoying the unique courtesy of the Nepalese. We guarantee continuous guidance and individual support to the students from trained professional/s. This should be a lifetime experience because we motivate students to be practical, competitive and pro-active as on the field as is demanded by this line of work. At the end of this program, the students will surely have learned what it takes to be a skilled journalist/photographer.
We are proud to say that our programs are priced at a very affordable rate as compared to other bigger international organizations which claim to provide internship. Plus we guarantee continuous guidance and individual support to the students from trained professional/s. Students will be informed of the exact costs depending on the duration of their stay, after obtaining approval from our organization.
You shall kindly find some brochures and flyers attached to this email for your reference and to circulate among the students within your student society. I hope you will check them out and inform us if any students are interested in applying for this internship. Alternatively, students can email us directly at or visit our website www.internshipnepal.comfor more information.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you!
Best regards from Kathmandu,
Nardev Pandey

Internship Nepal
Post Box:24794
Bishal Nagar
Phone+977 985 100 3577
Kathmandu, Nepal