Devising Inclusive Theatre: Neither Heroes Nor Ordinary People

This play was written by a group of differently-abled students, including our own INCA student Nicole Bear. She advises potential audience members that “Parental Discretion is Advised” due to colourful language. Plan to attend!

Devising Inclusive Theatre


Neither Heroes Nor Ordinary People


Date: Thursday, April 2

Time: 12:00 noon

Location: Shubox Theatre


Directed by: Traci Foster

Voice Coaching: Traci Foster and Kelley Jo Burke

Choreography: Anne Kipling Brown, Kathryn Ricketts

With support by: Kathleen Irwin and Randy Johner


Technical Support: John Loeppky, Candice Chura, William Hales

Design: Nicole Ponczak

Creative Technologies: Rebecca Caines

Administrative support: Marie Dmytrow


Written and Performed by Nicole Bear, Kelsey Culbert, John Loeppky,

Nicole Poncsak, Natasha Urkow


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